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Solutions for Packaging Machines

Botttle unscrambler, bottle air rinsing machines, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, sleeve machines,

steam tunnel, case packer machines, cartoning machine, carton sealing machines, palletizing machines

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Bottle Unscrambler

We offer production solutions and projects to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries.

  • Bottle Unscrambler And Bottle Air Rinsing Machines

  • Bottle Cleaning Machine

Filling Machines

The most advanced solutions are offered for the filling processes of non-carbonated liquid products.

  • Lineer Filling

  • Rotary Filling

  • Load-cell Filling

Capping Machines

We manufacture sealing machines for various types of caps in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical products industries..

  • Threaded Capping Machine

  • Spray Capping and Plastering Machine

  • Pump-Spray Capping

  • Stopper & Capping Machine

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Labeling Machines

We manufacture machines that stick labels on the desired surface of bottles and containers in different forms.

  • Round Surface Label Machine

  • Top Labeling Machine

  • Double Sided Labeling

  • Box Labeling Machine

Sleeve Machines

We produce machines that label Shrink Sleeve Labels to the products. No other labeling method offers such a wide choice of colors, details and applications as shrink sleeve labels.

  • Low Capacity Body Sleeve

  • High Capacity Bechoff Sleeve

  • Dual Feed Body Sleeve

  • Shrink Neck Banding Machine

  • Steam Tunnel

E171-Body Sleeve(Main Machine).png

Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are one of the complementary solutions of the whole production line. It is one of the full automation applications that increase the production speed and capacity.

  • Case Packer Machine

  • Bottle Packing Machine

  • Cartoning Machine

  • Bundle

  • Palletizing Machine

Packaging Machines

Elektromag has been one of the leading companies in the packaging and packaging machinery industry

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