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Who are we?

Elektromag started production in 1978 and continues to grow and develop with a customer portfolio of more than 10,000. Today, it continues its sales activities in the USA, Europe, Africa and West Asia.
Elektromag continues on its way with the aim of being one of the leading companies in machinery production and solutions with the competence of having a staff specialized in every field of the packaging industry.


To be one of the most admired and preferred manufacturers in the packaging and packaging machinery sector all over the world, as well as being Turkey's leading company that creates quality, innovative and customizable products.


To provide innovative products and services by providing the right quality-price ratio.

Vizyon misyon

Special Solutions for You

Elektromag expands its satisfied customer portfolio day by day thanks to its more than 40 years of experience and advanced engineering capabilities.

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Our R&D Team

For each new customer, ELEKTROMAG continues to develop even series production machines and offers these applications to existing customers as development packages.

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