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Sağlıklı Suyu

Our packaging solutions for food industry

We have done many projects for the food-agriculture sector for 45 years for labeling and sleeve machines, filling-capping machines, cartoning and palletizing machines.

Labeling and Sleeve machines for the food industry

Elektromag Automatic Labeling Machine and Sleeve Machine are labeling food products. We produce sleeve machines for sleeve processes of all bottles and similar product containers. We offer labeling machine solutions for round surfaces, boxes, product containers. We also have shrink neck banding machine solutions.

Filling machines for the food industry

Elektromag Automatic Filling Machine performs sensitive and fast filling works of liquid, fluid and viscous food products. Filling machine solutions are offered for many products for honey filling and jar capping, ketchup filling, mayonnaise filling, vinegar filling, oil filling, olive oil filling, sauce filling.


45 years, 10.000 clients

We have been providing solutions to the packaging machinery industry since 1978.


On-site assembly


We are at your service 24/7

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