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Our Packaging Solutions by Sectors

Elektromag expands its satisfied customer portfolio day by day thanks to its more than 40 years of experience and advanced engineering capabilities.


Filling, capping, labeling, sleeve, packaging machines for cosmetic products

Sağlıklı Suyu

Sleeve, packaging, labeling, filling and capping, machines for food products

Laboratuvar Deneyleri

Packaging, filling, capping, labeling, sleeve machines for pharmaceutical products

Temizlik Malzemelerini Taşıma

Capping, filling, labeling, sleeve, packaging machines for chemical products

Uçucu yağ şişeleri

Filling, capping and labeling machines for CBD and esential oil products

Sıvı Şampuan

Filling, labeling machines and packaging solutions for shampoo products

Banyo aksesuarları

Liquid soap filling and labeling machine solutions

Bal Kavanozları

Honey filling, capping and labeling solutions

Parfüm Şişeleri

Perfume cartoning and labeling solutions

temizlik ürünleri

Filling, capping, labeling and packaging solutions for detergent

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