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Sleeve Labelling Machine

Horizontal Sleeve Machine

Steam Tunnel


Sleeve Dress

Safety Band Dressing

High Capacity Sleeve

Horizontal Sleeve

Steam Tunnel


00-400 BPM

It varies according to its size and packaging.

Applied Products

Glass, Plastic, Metal


Pet, Pvc, Pet-G

Body Sleeve Machine

What is Sleeve Machine?

What is Sleeve Applicator Machine? These are industrial machines that can be programmed and that position the shrink sleeve labels on the bottle or product container in a similar form and then shrink it with steam, making the sleeve packaging into the shape of the product or shaping the product in mass production. Elektromag Makine customizes its sleeve applicator machines in line with the needs of its customers; Etimag Etiket, a group company, designs and mass-produces shrink sleeve labels; Plasmag, another group company that will start operating in 2022, produces PET-G films. With its experience dating back to 1978 and a wide customer portfolio, Elektromag Makine is one of the leading companies in the world in sleeve applicator machines.

Sleeve Machines are used in many sectors; in the food industry, fruit juice packaging, ayran packaging, water bottle dressing; In the cosmetic industry, sleeve machines are used for dressing cologne, perfume, detergent, softener bottle, bleach bottle.

Safety neck band applicator machines are very important for manufacturers, this band is proof that the product is in a clean and safe condition during its journey from the manufacturer to the end consumer. The capacity of our safety tape machine varies according to sleeve length and package diameter, please call us for detailed information.

Why should sleeve dressing be preferred?

If you want your products to be able to differ from the products of competing companies on the store shelves, you need to follow a different path than the existing options, and the most effective way is the sleeve label. Sleeve dressing labels have gained a reputation and place in the industry as a new type of label. Here are a few reasons for this:

Sleeve body design; Allows for different uses of graphics, color and more creativity. Wear resistant and not affected by water.

Labels can be removed from bottles and containers for reuse. In addition, sleeve covers the product better than other labels, increases market share and attracts more attention on the shelves with its more elegant appearance. These labels are used in a wide variety of industries and the company will continue to see the benefits of shrink sleeve labels as they grow in popularity.

Sleeve Machine Prices

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Types of sleeve machine

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Safety Band Dressing - Neck Bending Machine

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