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Bottles Case Packer
  • Bottles Case Packer

    SKU: M-OKM-A01
    • Advanced easy-to-use Beckhoff PLC control system
    • Touch screen 15” operator panel
    • Use of corrugated cardboard
    • Boxing of packages of different sizes in the same machine
    • Easy mold change and fine adjustment
    • The bottle holder is in such a way that it will not damage the safety band.
    • Box counting system
    • Fault and fault point are displayed graphically on the digital screen.
    • Easy maintenance of pneumatic components
    • Infrastructure suitable for carrying with vacuum or gripper
    • Easy change in a short time and easy recall of parameters from PLC memory according to packaging
    • The feature of not working when the inlet is empty, the outlet is full and there is no packaging.
    • Quiet operation without using compressed air
    • Project specific vacuum generator
    • Closed enclosure in CE norms to ensure occupational safety and environmental cleanliness
    • Sensors used on the machine (photocell) SICK, KEYENCE
    • Pneumatic materials used on the machine SMC, FESTO
    • All gearboxes used on the machine are Bonfiglioli.
    • Easy change in a short time
    • Ease of maintenance and service
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