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Carton Opening Machine
  • Carton Opening Machine

    SKU: M-KAC-A01
    • Advanced easy-to-use Beckhoff/Omron brand PLC control system
    • Touch screen 7'' operator panel or integrated into the cartoning machine
    • Manual size adjustment for different box sizes
    • Automatic, with box top cover closure
    • With side drag straps, Total of 2
    • Drag belt speed 21 meters/minute
    • Top and Bottom K12 taping dispensers (K11 taping dispenser support is available)
    • Height adjustable aluminum feet between 480-820mm for working height
    • Speed regulator on top cover closing pistons
    • Gradual top cover closure with 2 pistons
    • Closed enclosure in CE norms to ensure occupational safety and environmental cleanliness
    • Easy change in a short time
    • Ease of maintenance and service
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