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Automatic Bottle Sleeve - Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

As Elektromag Makine family, we would like to introduce you our modern and user-friendly model: SLV-EX, Automatic Body Sleeve machine for your high-capacity packaging lines.

General Appearance and Specifications

  • Our high-capacity Automatic Body Sleeve Machine contributes significantly to your packaging cost, thanks to its 30 micron operating feature.

  • Our Automatic Body Sleeve Machine, which includes automatic and easy adjustment via the touch screen, is operated without the need for any mechanical operation.

  • In order to make it easier for you to work without stopping at its high capacity, the double-head sleeve feeding feature offers easy coil change as well as uninterrupted working convenience.

  • Thanks to its non-stop sleeve feeding feature, our Body Sleeve machine provides 90-95% efficiency in your work.r.

  • There is a magnetic table that can be easily added and changed.

  • The buffer system in our Automatic Body Sleeve Machine has a 40 x 2 meter sleeve backup feature.

  • Our Automatic Body Sleeve Machine, which includes the feature of working in coordination with the spool group, lowers the sleeve coming from the spool group to the mandrel through the tension system.

  • With the tension system, the sleeve pulling rollers work stably at high speeds.

  • This unit, which we designed to reduce operator errors to zero, is manually aligned between the bearings.

  • It has software that can perform precise positioning with Beckhoff brand motors that we use in our automatic Body Sleeve machine.

  • All engines have the feature of moving together with electronic cam.

  • With the screen in the automatic Body Sleeve machine, it can be moved up/down stably in millimeters.

  • It has the feature of setting the shot position from the machine screen with the millimetric sleeve throwing position.


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