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Filling and Capping Machine
  • Modular System | Modular Filling and Capping

    SKU: M-MDL-A01*

    Modular System | Modular Filling and Capping


    •Filling is done with 4 adjustable nozzles. 
    •Either 2 nozzles or 4 nozzles can be operated, while 2 nozzles are filling, nitrogen blowing can be done with the other 2 nozzles.
    •Suction and discharge operations can be carried out very precisely at the desired speed thanks to the servo motor.
    •Nozzle positioning can be done according to bottle form and product features.
    •Depending on the option, there are two separate cap feeding units, it can place and close the screw cap while hammering the stopper at the same time.
    •Position adjustable cap dispensing stations have servo motors.
    •Plug and cap taking units are all servo motorized.
    •When the cap closing unit is active, the front tooth retention feature in spray caps can be adjusted to the desired sensitivity.
    •Plug is checked after the stopper station, and check for presence or absence of cover is made after the cover station.
    •High precision torque control and cap tightening process is performed.
    •Torque values of all produced products are recorded according to their recipe and production date.
    •Special grippers are designed to fit the covers.
    •Advanced, easy-to-use BECKHOFF Brand PLC control system
    •CFR 21 PART 11 Requirements
    •Audit trail, Data integrity 
    •Remote Access, being able to access and intervene in machine screens or see production quantities from the desk you are sitting at
    •Reporting Entry Full, Exit Full and all sensors in the machine on the screen when there is an error
    •Closed enclosure in CE norms to ensure occupational safety and environmental cleanliness 
    •Servo Control Star Motion Control
    •Motion Control 1 ms Cycle Time
    •OCT Single cable servos
    Reporting servo motor temperatures and powers on the screen
    •OP System Overpower protection feature that may occur due to incorrect setting
    •Low electricity consumption and quiet operation thanks to variable conveyor speed
    •Fault display with graphics
    •Logging fault history
    Graphically defined parameters for easy setting

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